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This post contains all “FCPS Golden files” papers.

Some questions related to “FCPS Golden Files” are given at the end of this post (MUST READ)

Golden file 1:


Golden file 2:


Golden file 3:


Golden file 4:


Errata of golden file 3:


NOTE: You will have to install “zip opener” to open golden file 4. To open all files, you will need “PDF reader”.

Question: What are FCPS Golden Files?
Answer: These are a collection of most recent papers of FCPS part 1 exam.

Question: Do these papers contain mistakes in answers?

Answer: Unfortunately, these papers are full of mistakes. You will need to correct the keys while doing these papers.

Question: Is there any alternative to “FCPS Golden Files“?
Answer: Fortunately, yes. “FCPS Pretest Series” contain all “FCPS Golden Files” papers, with correct keys, explanations, and arranged chapter-wise.

Question: Do I need to do “FCPS Golden Files” after doing “FCPS Pretest Series” books?
Answer: No, FCPS Pretest Series”” books are enough to cover all golden files.

Question: Do I need to do other MCQs books after doing “FCPS Pretest Series” books?

Answer: No, “FCPS Pretest Series” books have enough collection to cover all most recent MCQs.

Question: Are keys of “FCPS Pretest Series” books reliable?
Answer: Yes, the keys of these books are cross checked multiple times with standard books. You are advised not to change keys of these books unless you have an authentic reference.

Question: Is there any errata available for “FCPS Pretest Series” books?
Answer: No. As mentioned before, these books are reliable and does not need any key. You can study them with the satisfaction that all keys are correct.

Question: How can I purchase “FCPS Pretest Series” books?
Answer: Call 0321-206 65 62 or visit our official page at: