Go big or go home.

acid base balance physiology mcqs fcps part 1

Go big or go home.

If you have decided to do FCPS, then there is no looking back. Studying honestly is the only option now.

If you feel demotivated, think about the result day. How would you feel when you see your roll number in the passed candidates list.

At the end, only one thing matters and that is whether you tried your best or not. You should not have any regret even if you fail; so try your best.

Good luck for the exam!

Two most important components of FCPS Part 1 preparation

Microbiology pharma mcqs
At the end, you tend to remember two things:
1. MCQs (if you have studied them with concentration)
2. Concepts (which are just like stories and easy to retain)
Just memorizing MCQs without clearing concepts is like you are going to the war with weapons but you don’t know how to use those weapons. That’s why, “FCPS Pretest Series” has focused on these two things: MCQs and concepts. “FCPS Pretest Series” make your concepts crystal clear through MCQs explanations.
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How many MCQs books should you study for FCPS Part 1 Exam?

fcps part 1

According to Psychology research, if you overwhelm yourself with too much information, you would not remember any thing at the end which means that you will acquire “no knowledge” at all. It’s not that you would remember some of it. This is the reason why I always advise to to do as much as you can absorb and not to do “too much”.

I have observed that FCPS Part 1 candidates try to do the maximum possible number of MCQs books. The result of studying from multiple resources is that they do not remember any thing at the end.

The same is true for text books. Limit your resources; try doing one text book for each subject/chapter.Try avoiding the random notes and points circulating every where; be organized in your study.

Now the next big question is “how to select the books”? The simple answer is “the book that suits you, your mental level and your reading style is the best for you”. A big misconception is that “if this book has been advised by my friend or my senior, it is a must-do”. Every one is different; what works for me may not work for you. What does not work for Ahsan may work for Uzma. You would have to search and find the books that suit you.

The kind of book that you study matters a lot. The book selection plays a vital role in your success or failure and book selection is, no doubt, one of the most important part of your exam preparation; give it time and select wisely.

FCPS Pretest Series books prices and samples

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Book NameSampleUnique featuresPrice
Physiology1. Sample No. 1 (CVS)


2. Sample No. 2 (Haematology)

3. Sample No. 3 (Respiration)

1. Most updated collection of 2,500 MCQs, arranged chapter-wise.


2. Every MCQ has thorough explanation which make concepts crystal clear.

3. It’s the only book which can help you if you are unable to grab concepts from BRS

4. Complete stems and options (instead of just a few words)

5. Accurate answers – No errata needed.

New Price: 590


(old price 1850)

Anatomy1. Sample No. 1 (thorax)


2. Sample No. 2 (pelvis/perineum)

1. A huge collection of most recent 2,000 Gross Anatomy MCQs, arranged chapter-wise


2. Explanations with MCQs

3. 100 most important Anatomy concepts notes (to revise whole Anatomy in five hours)

4. Complete stems and options (instead of just a few words)

5. Accurate answers – No errata needed.

New Price: 590


(old price 1850)

PathologySample (cellular reaction to injury)1. A huge collection of most recent 2,000 MCQs, arranged chapter-wise


3. Complete stems and options (instead of just a few words)

4. Accurate answers – No errata needed.

New Price: 280


(old price 580)

Minor subjectsSample (General Pharmacology)1. Includes Pharma, Embryo, Neuroanatomy, Microbiology, Histo, Biochem, Vitamins, Biostats, Ethics


2. A huge collection of most recent 2,800 MCQs with explanations.

3. The only MCQ book in which all minor subjects are arranged chapter-wise

4. Complete stems and options (instead of just a few words)

5. Accurate answers – No errata needed.

New Price:590 


(old price 990)

MedicineSample1. A huge collection of 80 Papers


2. Also includes Paper “A”; so helpful for all specialities

3. Properly edited, and is in proper order

4. Medicine Syllabus + Detailed guidelines about how to cover each subject effectively for medicine and allied in a short time.

New Price: 590


(old price 990)

Gynae. and Obs 1. Contains each and every Gynae. paper of the last 14 years


2. Also includes Gynae. syllabus (Paper A + Paper B) and detailed guidelines about how to easily cover every subject effectively in a short time

New Price: 590


(old price 1450)

Guidelines for FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied

Taken from the book “FCPS Pretest Series – Medicine and Allied”. To purchase this book, click here.

fcps pretest series medicine
fcps pretest series medicine

Guidelines about books for medicine and allied + MCQs weightage from different subjects in paper “B” of medicine + Tips for all specialities + Paper “A” syllabus + Paper “B” medicine syllabus.

To download the file,  click here

Tips that may save you months during FCPS Part 1 preparation

fcps part 1 exam mcqs tips and trciks

Tips that may save you months during FCPS Part 1 exam preparation

  1. Instead of studying one liners, study MCQs with complete stems and options to make good concepts. “FCPS Pretest Series” has tried it’s best to collect complete MCQs from FCPS Part 1 papers.
  2. Don’t study random notes made by test-takers and posted on internet on various websites including facebook. Focus on standard text books; limit your resources.
  3. Don’t spend too much time on controversial MCQs; you can do many MCQs in the same time instead.
  4. Instead of posting MCQs in facebook groups for discussion, use the search option of the groups; this would save your time. Every MCQ has already been discussed multiple times.
  5. Don’t follow seniors blindly. They may have passed the exam but they may not be suggesting you the best available resources.
  6. Don’t always follow the majority; the majority may be wrong.
  7. Stick only to “FCPS Pretest Series” for MCQs; don’t waste your time on making erratas of copy pasted books. Since “FCPS Pretest Series” is a huge collection of MCQs, I would advise you not to combine any other MCQs resource with these books. Doing too much may harm you instead of benefiting you.
  8. Don’t just memorize the MCQs; learn the concept behind every MCQ. “FCPS Pretest Series” is started with the vision of making concepts clear, and we are successfully moving towards our goal. We have already achieved many milestones, and we would continue to work on more.
  9. Only text books are not enough to pass exam. Just acquiring knowledge is not enough; you must know how to apply knowledge. You must practice MCQs after ready your text books; you may not be able to solve MCQs in exam if you have not already practiced enough MCQs.
  10. Don’t rush. Do it slow but do it well. Multiple small steps in the right direction are better than one big jump only to bounce back.
  11. Make your own schedule; don’t follow others. Every one is different and has different study speed.
  12.  Leave job or take leave if you are unable to do study with job; don’t settle for less than you deserve.

There is no exam in the world which can not be passed with proper preparation. It’s just that you need to find the best study resources for yourself. Go on, do it now; you can do it.



Some handy tips for FCPS Part 1 exam

fcps part 1 surgery papers

1. Why would i study one liner MCQs instead of complete stems and options to make more better concepts?

2. Why would i study random notes made by Kaplan Syndrome, CPSP Rocks, FCPS Repeater, and Mitral Valve instead of reading my standard text books?

3. Why would i spend 30 minutes on controversial MCQs when i can do 30 more MCQs in the same time?

4. Why would i post MCQs in facebook groups when they have been discussed multiple times and can be searched easily through “search box”?

5. Why would i listen to senior’s advice to suggest me low-standard books and feed me garbage?

6. Why would i follow the majority even when i know that the majority is wrong?

7. Why would i worry about the exam when i know i can pass it?

Don’t waste time on making erratas

fcps part 1 mcqs medicine

First an errata is made for an MCQ book; then a second updated errata for the first errata is made. Then a second edition of the second updated errata is made. Then some one comes and make a brand new errata, and the process repeats. 

Take pity on yourself, and don’t waste your precious time; stick to standard MCQs books like “FCPS Pretest Series”:


Important note for “FCPS Pretest Series” readers

fcps pretest series physiology

Important note for “FCPS Pretest Series” readers

Don’t change keys of “FCPS Pretest Series” books unless you have authentic reference. “FCPS Pretest Series” is not a copy paste stuff like other MCQs books in the market; significant effort has been put in the preparation of these books. The books have been reviewed multiple times and i made sure that answers are correct before publishing them. Don’t believe on answers of Facebook group members unless an authentic reference is given.

This time, you are not reading a “copy paste” stuff; enjoy crystal clear concepts with “FCPS Pretest Series” books.

fcps pretest series minor subjects
fcps pretest series minor subjects


fcps pretest series medicine
fcps pretest series medicine


fcps pretest series pathology
fcps pretest series pathology


fcps pretest series physiology
fcps pretest series physiology