“FCPS Pretest Series” books are not for average minds

fcps part 1 medicine mcqs with answers pdf

Only a genius can recognize a genius; “FCPS Pretest Series” books are not for the average minds since these are very high standard books.

We have already done the hard job for you:

1. High quality explanations with MCQs.
2. Complete stems and options.
3. Chapter-wise arrangement

Stay with crap books (copy paste stuff) till you become mature. When you fail again and again, and learn the lesson that this exam can be passed by reading standard books only, then switch to “FCPS Pretest Series” books.


Does CPSP changes it’s pool of MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

fcps part 1 mcqs

After every exam, candidates claim that CPSP has changed it’s pool of MCQs, but the fact is that MCQs always remain the same. CPSP just modifies the stem and options of MCQs.

An example of how CPSP changes stems and options of MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam

1. Inhibitory factor is released by

Hypothalamus against which of the

Following hormone:

A. Prolactin

B. Oxytocin


D. Growth hormone


Ans. A

2. Which of the following statements about prolactin is correct

A. Prolactin initiates ovulation

B. Prolactin causes mild ejection during Suckling

C. Prolactin inhibits the growth of breast tissue

D. Prolactin secretion is tonically Inhibited by the hypothalamus


Ans. D

3. Dopamine regulates

A. Prolactine

B. Somatostatin




Ans. A

4. Which of the following pituarity harmone is inhibited by hypothalamus

A. Growth hormone

B. Prolactin




Ans. B

MORAL OF THE STORY: Clear your concepts, don’t just memorize the answers, and read standard books (theory + MCQs); i suggest you to stick to “FCPS Pretest Series” books for MCQS as these books have always maintained their standard.

Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 exam

Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 exam

When we post guidelines, candidates read them and forget them. At the end, they want to do their own experiments, or they want to follow the ones who are misguiding them. The end result is “repeated failures”.

The guidelines for this exam can’t be written again and again. It’s time consuming, and we don’t have enough time for it due to busy schedule of our training.

Let’s have a brief review of why you fail repeatedly in FCPS Part 1 exam, and what are their possible solutions.

1. You don’t know how to apply knowledge. Do more MCQs for practice.

2. You don’t have good concepts. Solution is simple, make good concepts. How? Use any source of your choice or a combination of sources. For example, videos, google, search option of facebook groups.

3. You have skipped an important subject or a chapter. For example, you get 5 -8 MCQs from CVS Physiology in medicine paper; skipping CVS physiology means “disaster”.

4. You have done more than you can retain. I suggest again and again to limit your resources; stick to one MCQ source. You can use multiple text books for references but at the end, stick to one book.

5. Organize your study; don’t do random stuff from here and there. No need to do the random notes posted here on facebbook. Don’t do the random points printed in the books. Your text books + MCQ books have every thing you need to know. Do chapter-wise MCQs; even try to do it topics-wise if you can.

6. Don’t post MCQs on in groups; use the search option of the groups to find answer and explanation for MCQs.


Every one is different, and every one has has his own choice. Use any book which suits you; here are my suggestions how to pick the best source of MCQs.

1. Try doing books which have almost complete stems and options. Why? Because it gives you the feel of real exam, and it prepares you better; for example, in exam, you may get long scenarios, and then you may not be able how to answer them.

2.Study those MCQs books in which MCQs are more organized. For example, MCQs are chapter-wise or topic-wise.

3.Study those MCQs books which have less mistakes so that you don’t waste your time in correcting them.

If nothing seems to work, do the following and i guarantee you 100% success:

1. Do at least 4,000 MCQs with clear concept behind every MCQ.

2. Arrange all MCQs topics wise; first read all MCQs before doing a topic, mark all MCQs in your text book. Then read your that topic in text book, and literally memorize the marked stuff. When revising, you can skip revising your MCQs book since you have already marked all MCQs in your text books. Also, you can revise one subject in one day if you have already marked MCQs in your text book.

For more guidelines, visit the following link:


Good luck for the next attempt….!!!

You may be reading wrong books for FCPS Part 1 exam

fcps part 1 mcqs

You may be reading the wrong books for FCPS Part 1 exam

Success depends upon the choices you make. Whether you would pass FCPS Part 1 exam or  not, depends greatly on the books you are studying for this tricky exam. All books are not the same; it’s very important to choose the right books for  FCPS Part 1 exam.


It hurts me to see that every one has the concept of “literally memorizing the answers of MCQs without understanding them”. The end result is that either:

1. They fail, or
2. They pass by a stroke of luck without learning the basics of medicine.

In either case, you fail in reality.


Preparation for FCPS Part 1 is one of the best time of my life which i don’t want to be repeated again. I learnt which i had never learnt before. Several years have passed but i still have strong concepts, i still remember most of what i had learnt, and i still apply the acquired basic knowledge in my clinical practice almost every single day. And you know what, it feels very good when you have full command on a topic.


For almost every exam like USMLE, MRCP, AMC, people do MCQs, but their aim is not to memorize answers. Doing MCQs is an important part of exam and it has two main advantages:

1. Practice. It’s not enough to acquire knowledge; you must know how to apply knowledge. You may have studied text book but you may not be able to solve MCQs if you have not practiced MCQs before.

2. MCQs give you an idea which topics are important, and how you should study the text books.It tells you which areas to focus on in your text book.

If you have good concepts, there is no exam in the world which you can not pass. Don’t try the short-cuts especially for the major subjects (Physiology, Pathology, Gross Anatomy).


There is a simple rule of business: “Give them what they want and they would give you what you want (i.e., money)”. The books written for FCPS Part 1 Exam are garbage because you are demanding “garbage” from the authors. Never blame the authors when you don’t pass the exam; they gave you exactly what you wanted.

But there are authors who understand the value of good books; they still produce good books regardless of where the market is going. These are the people who want to give the world some thing valuable before leaving; they took the responsibility of guiding others with the knowledge God gave to them.


The trend needs to be changed. You are not an ordinary person; you are a doctor. If you don’t even know how to choose a good book, you are still at a very low level. Write the following points in your book and read it every day until these words become your nature:

1. Always read the standard MCQs books. If there is no standard book available, choose the best.

2. Learn the concept behind every MCQ.

3. Don’t follow the seniors blindly. What they are advising you may not be the best option for you.

4. Don’t look for the “most recent MCQs”. There is no such thing as “most recent MCQs”. USMLE First aid does not change, medical facts do not change, and hence, MCQs do not change. The same medical facts and concepts will be tested in one way or the other way; you just need to learn the important medical facts and the important concepts. CPSP may modify the MCQs stem and options a little bit but the core concept remains the same.

At the end, i would recommend you to stick to “FCPS Pretest Series Books” since these books have complete stems and options, answers are accurate, and MCQs are with explanations.

Good luck for your exam…!!!

How important are MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

fcps part 1 exam mcqs tips and trciks

How important are MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

An expert at the Tedx talks claimed that they conducted a research in Australia to find out whether it was intelligence or some thing else that enables the top scorers to get high grades in exams. They also interviewed the low scorers to find out what they think was the reason for their low score. The result was shocking.

It was found that all the top scorers claimed that they were not intelligent at all; they just take a lot of practice tests instead of going through the text books again and again which enable them to get high grades in exam.

On the other hand, all the low scorers thought that “they were not intelligent enough to get good grades in exam”.


I gave one good read to the text books which was thorough, conceptual and extremely time consuming. I even watched some videos as well during my first read. I never gave a second read to the text books, strange! isn’t it? I even spent 70% of my study time on MCQs and 30% on text books during my first read. After the first read, i did just MCQs and while doing MCQs i frequently referred to text books, google, and this group for almost every second MCQ, and kept explaining MCQs in my MCQ book + adding high yield points to my MCQs book + kept marking MCQs in my “main” text books. At the end, i revised only MCQs + the points i marked in my text books.


I was 99% sure about my failure as i had skipped almost 25% course and i had done just about 3,000 MCQs (but i had cleared the concept behind every MCQ). When i came back from exam and counted my correct answers, i had marked 95% correct in paper “A” and about 80% in paper “B”.

If you ask me what are the five most important things to pass in part 1 exam i would say:

1…At least one good conceptual read to text books

2…At least one superficial, between the lines second read

3…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

4…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

5…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

MCQs are an important part of preparation for any exam including FCPS part 1, USMLE, MRCP, IMM. If you are wondering why you are not getting through despite a lot of study and multiple attempts, you got the answer.

Good luck for the exam.

Most Important Topics (Tested in Every Exam)

No matter which speciality you are appearing in, at least one MCQ will be from each one of the following topics:

1. Optic pathway lesions
2. Left and right oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve.
3. Cardiac cycle (the challenging one )

Exan Day Tips

Read again and again; this may be the most important post you have ever read.

(1) If you see the word “except” or “incorrect” in the stem, pay close attention. Due to shortage of time, you may forget these words in hurry while answering the MCQs. Almost every one does this mistake.

(2) For long scenarios, read the last line of stem and options first, then read the stem with keeping the options in mind. This saves a lot of time.

(3) In my experience, the long and explanatory options are “mostly” correct. But “not always”. By long explanatory options, i mean the options in which the examiner has tried to make some point more clear. For example, brain stem (micturition center).

(4) You would have to answer most of the MCQs indirectly on the basis of what you have learnt. Never think you have not studied what has been asked. For example, you have studied that “lactate (lactic acid) increases blood flow in muscles”. In options, they may mention “decreased Ph” instead of “lactate (lactic acid)”. Think a lot before quitting.

(5) In some “long” scenarios, there would be just one “clicking point”. For example, if you see “pleural plaques” in a long scenario, your answer should be “asbestosis”. In some of the long scenarios, the examiner try to distract you from the important information. So, look for the “clicking point” in such MCQs.

(6) Always read all the options, There may be more than one correct answer. Choose the most appropriate, which in most cases is some thing either more “specific” or more “common”. For example, growth hormone is a peptide hormone but there are many peptide hormones in the body. Only growth hormones exerts its actions via “somatomedins” (IGF). So, somatomedin should be your answer…..”choose the one best answer” does not mean “choose the only correct statement”.

(8) Answer on the basis of what you know about. If some thing is not familiar to you in the options, then its probably the wrong answer. DO NOT MAKE GUESSES. For example, if you have never heard about “glioma”, then “glioma” is most probably the wrong answer.

(9) Do not waste time, especially in paper B.

(10) Don’t rely on answers of the guys sitting next to you. You don’t know them and you won’t see them again.

(11) Take panadol extra tablets, and a coffee sachet with you. Take coffee with any thing (plain water, tea) during the break.

(12) Don’t eat too much in the break. Don’t discuss paper A in the break. Do not study in the break. Don’t t talk too much in the break (conserve your energy for the next paper).

(13) Avoid drinking too much water; avoid using washrooms during the paper.

(15) Most importantly, fight till the last MCQ of paper B even if you are 100% sure about your failure. Struggle for every MCQ as each MCQ is a significant step towards your success.

(16) Answers of some MCQs may be hidden in other MCQs.

(17) Most of the information in a long stem may be irrelevant. Collect just the important info.

(18) If two statements are contradictory, there is a high chance that one of them is correct. For example: (A) Acidify the urine (B) Alkalinize the urine

(19) Statements that contain the words “always, never, must” and so on are usually false.

(20) Struggle for every MCQ; every MCQ counts.

(21) Statements that contain the words “always, never, must, and so on” are usually false. For example, the statement that “acetylcholine always increases heart rate when given intravenously” is wrong because it lowers blood pressure and evokes a barorecptor-mediated reflex tachycardia.

(22) Choices that do not fit the grammer are always wrong.

(23) If two options are highly similar, then neither is likely to be the correct answer.

(24) Some MCQs are repeated but either the stems or the options or both are modified. So, keep your mind open.

(25) The examiners try to hide the correct answers. This means that they try to keep the correct options at “C” or “D” instead of “A” or “E”. Note that this is not true for every MCQ. Option “A” or “E” may be the correct option in many MCQs. So, this should not stop you from selecting option “A” or “E” if you think these are the correct options.

(26) No doubt, a good night sleep is extremely necessary, especially for exams like this one.

I wish best of luck to all of you for this tricky exam!

Last Month Strategy For Exam


1…Focus more on first aid + MCQs. But don’t hesitate to give to read your text books if you have to.

2…Though first aid is important, it’s OK if you have not done it. Many candidates passed it without doing first aid.

3…Don’t try to clear concepts now; just memorize.

4…It’s better to revise the old mcqs you have already done instead of doing new. But if you have got time, do the possibly maximum number of MCQS. But do as much as you can remember. If you can not recall them during the exam, it’s of no use if you have studied even 100 MCQs books.

5…………fill it yourself…………

6…No matter where you stand, study hard and try till last MCQ of paper “B”. You will never be satisfied even if you study for 10 years.

7…Don’t under-estimate some minor subjects like micro and neuro. Pharma and neuroanatomy are a must-do for medicine and allied.

8…Do just MCQs for histo, biostats, and biochem.

9…Take one or two complete papers of your speciality, and calculate the number of mcqs contributed by each subject. Prepare accordingly.

10…Focus more on paper “B” course; paper “B” is tough and comparatively less repeated.

11…If you are already planning to fail it, fail better (with a good percentage).

12…Even if you fail, you will start again with more experience than the fresh candidates. In either case, you will be a “WINNER”.

Good luck

Dr.  Muhammad Fawad

A Great Misconception

fcps part 1

A Great Misconception

I consider it an obligation to guide the unguided or misguided.

FCPS part 1 candidates always search for the most recent papers which are:

1.. Not properly edited.
2.. Contain a lot of mistakes in answers.
3… Incomplete in terms of MCQ stems and MCQs options.

The result of doing these papers are:

1.. You don’t study the standard books and MCQs.
2.. You waste your time in making correction in these so called “most recent papers”.
3.. Ultimately, you fail your exam.

What you need to know?

1.. MCQs never change. CPSP may modify the stem and options a little bit but the core concept remains the same. 2.. If USMLE first aid does not change, kaplan does not change, the definition of metaplasia does not change, iron deficiency still causes microcytic anemia, then how come CPSP changes its pool of MCQs.

What you should do?

1.. Study standard text and MCQs books.
2.. Don’t let other feed you for “just anything”. If you have got a mind, use it. And it’s OK if you don’t have one 🙂
3.. Don’t use MCQs with the hope that it would be repeated in the exam. Do it to know which topics are important and to solidify your concepts.
4.. There is no short cut to success. Do it slow but do it properly.

If you have decided to take a journey, do it the right way. It’s not the destination but the journey that is important. This is your last chance to learn the basics of medical field; don’t spoil it with “the most recent MCQs” files.

Good luck for your exam.

Reasons of Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 Exam

fcps part 1

1).. Don’t just memorize the answers of MCQs; learn the concept behind every MCQ.

2).. Don’t think that text books (without MCQs) are enough for passing exam unless your are a genius. You must know how to apply your knowledge + Text books are deficient as they are only review books and are written for USMLE and not specifically for FCPS part1.

3).. As i always say “it’s the quality, and not the quantity that matters”. Do as many mcqs as you can revise and recall during the exam. Don’t make ACHAAR from it. Even one MCQ book is enough to pass this exam if you do it really good. Reading one book ten times is better than reading ten books one time.

4).. Don’t follow others blindly; use your common sense.

5).. Don’t expect the same results by using the same strategy again and again; if your score is not improving it means your are heading in the wrong direction. Change strategy!

6).. There is no short cut; if some one says he cleared this exam in one month he is lying and trying to impress you; work hard!

7).. Don’t rush; do it slow but do it really well. Multiple small steps in the right direction are better than one wrong big jump only to bounce back.

8).. Make your own schedule; don’t follow others. Every one is made different, and have different speeds.

9).. Leave job or take leave if you can’t study with the job; don’t settle for less than you deserve.

10).. Either study now….or….regret for your whole life.

There is no exam in the world which can not be passed with proper study and preparation, but it’s just that some people are slow learners like me; you can do it. Go on, do it NOW…!!!

If you have any question, post below; we will answer it.