A Great Misconception

A Great Misconception

I consider it an obligation to guide the unguided or misguided.

FCPS part 1 candidates always search for the most recent papers which are:

1.. Not properly edited.
2.. Contain a lot of mistakes in answers.
3… Incomplete in terms of MCQ stems and MCQs options.

The result of doing these papers are:

1.. You don’t study the standard books and MCQs.
2.. You waste your time in making correction in these so called “most recent papers”.
3.. Ultimately, you fail your exam.

What you need to know?

1.. MCQs never change. CPSP may modify the stem and options a little bit but the core concept remains the same. 2.. If USMLE first aid does not change, kaplan does not change, the definition of metaplasia does not change, iron deficiency still causes microcytic anemia, then how come CPSP changes its pool of MCQs.

What you should do?

1.. Study standard text and MCQs books.
2.. Don’t let other feed you for “just anything”. If you have got a mind, use it. And it’s OK if you don’t have one 🙂
3.. Don’t use MCQs with the hope that it would be repeated in the exam. Do it to know which topics are important and to solidify your concepts.
4.. There is no short cut to success. Do it slow but do it properly.

If you have decided to take a journey, do it the right way. It’s not the destination but the journey that is important. This is your last chance to learn the basics of medical field; don’t spoil it with “the most recent MCQs” files.

Good luck for your exam.

Be nice whenever possible. It is always possible.