Does CPSP changes it’s pool of MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

After every exam, candidates claim that CPSP has changed it’s pool of MCQs, but the fact is that MCQs always remain the same. CPSP just modifies the stem and options of MCQs.

An example of how CPSP changes stems and options of MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam

1. Inhibitory factor is released by

Hypothalamus against which of the

Following hormone:

A. Prolactin

B. Oxytocin


D. Growth hormone


Ans. A

2. Which of the following statements about prolactin is correct

A. Prolactin initiates ovulation

B. Prolactin causes mild ejection during Suckling

C. Prolactin inhibits the growth of breast tissue

D. Prolactin secretion is tonically Inhibited by the hypothalamus


Ans. D

3. Dopamine regulates

A. Prolactine

B. Somatostatin




Ans. A

4. Which of the following pituarity harmone is inhibited by hypothalamus

A. Growth hormone

B. Prolactin




Ans. B

MORAL OF THE STORY: Clear your concepts, don’t just memorize the answers, and read standard books (theory + MCQs); i suggest you to stick to “FCPS Pretest Series” books for MCQS as these books have always maintained their standard.

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