FCPS Part 1 Exam Tips and Tricks

I have seen extraordinarily genius people failing FCPS part 1 exam. I have seen people who have passed it with just 30 days preparation, yet others who prepared for three years couldn’t get through it. I have seen those passing it who were extremely weak in their concepts, but others who had good concepts failed it, not just once but multiple times.

Why is this so? I can think of two reasons only:

1….Luck (Yes, i strongly believe in it)

Do one mistake during your preparation, and you are gone. Apply one wrong trick, and you are gone. Select one bad book, and you are gone. Follow one wrong senior, and you are gone.

Here are some of the tips and tricks from my side:

1…Stop following every second guy; follow one competant mentor. Figure out who that is.

2…Stop posting and discussing MCQs on facebook groups. Every MCQ has been discussed multiple times. Use the search option of the groups to find those MCQs. If you can’t find it, post and discuss then.

3…Give a thorough read to text book to make broad concepts; don’t memorize the text book. Then read mcqs and try finding their answer in text books. Keep marking mcqs in text books. This is called retrograde study.

4…For minor subjects like micro, embryo, histo, pharma, neuro, do just MCQs with concepts.

5…Choose mcqs books very wisely. All are not the same. “FCPS Pretest Series” books are the most reliable, updated, and have enough MCQs for practice.

7…Take two or three complete papers of your specialty and count the number of mcqs from each subject. Prepare accordingly.

8…No one can spoon feed you for every thing. Use your common sense. You are now a grown up doctor.

If you are planning to give up, try one more time. The next attempt may be your last attempt.

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