How important are MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

How important are MCQs for FCPS Part 1 exam?

An expert at the Tedx talks claimed that they conducted a research in Australia to find out whether it was intelligence or some thing else that enables the top scorers to get high grades in exams. They also interviewed the low scorers to find out what they think was the reason for their low score. The result was shocking.

It was found that all the top scorers claimed that they were not intelligent at all; they just take a lot of practice tests instead of going through the text books again and again which enable them to get high grades in exam.

On the other hand, all the low scorers thought that “they were not intelligent enough to get good grades in exam”.


I gave one good read to the text books which was thorough, conceptual and extremely time consuming. I even watched some videos as well during my first read. I never gave a second read to the text books, strange! isn’t it? I even spent 70% of my study time on MCQs and 30% on text books during my first read. After the first read, i did just MCQs and while doing MCQs i frequently referred to text books, google, and this group for almost every second MCQ, and kept explaining MCQs in my MCQ book + adding high yield points to my MCQs book + kept marking MCQs in my “main” text books. At the end, i revised only MCQs + the points i marked in my text books.


I was 99% sure about my failure as i had skipped almost 25% course and i had done just about 3,000 MCQs (but i had cleared the concept behind every MCQ). When i came back from exam and counted my correct answers, i had marked 95% correct in paper “A” and about 80% in paper “B”.

If you ask me what are the five most important things to pass in part 1 exam i would say:

1…At least one good conceptual read to text books

2…At least one superficial, between the lines second read

3…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

4…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

5…MCQs (with concept behind every MCQ)

MCQs are an important part of preparation for any exam including FCPS part 1, USMLE, MRCP, IMM. If you are wondering why you are not getting through despite a lot of study and multiple attempts, you got the answer.

Good luck for the exam.

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