How many MCQs books should you study for FCPS Part 1 Exam?

According to Psychology research, if you overwhelm yourself with too much information, you would not remember any thing at the end which means that you will acquire “no knowledge” at all. It’s not that you would remember some of it. This is the reason why I always advise to to do as much as you can absorb and not to do “too much”.

I have observed that FCPS Part 1 candidates try to do the maximum possible number of MCQs books. The result of studying from multiple resources is that they do not remember any thing at the end.

The same is true for text books. Limit your resources; try doing one text book for each subject/chapter.Try avoiding the random notes and points circulating every where; be organized in your study.

Now the next big question is “how to select the books”? The simple answer is “the book that suits you, your mental level and your reading style is the best for you”. A big misconception is that “if this book has been advised by my friend or my senior, it is a must-do”. Every one is different; what works for me may not work for you. What does not work for Ahsan may work for Uzma. You would have to search and find the books that suit you.

The kind of book that you study matters a lot. The book selection plays a vital role in your success or failure and book selection is, no doubt, one of the most important part of your exam preparation; give it time and select wisely.

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