Last Month Strategy For Exam


1…Focus more on first aid + MCQs. But don’t hesitate to give to read your text books if you have to.

2…Though first aid is important, it’s OK if you have not done it. Many candidates passed it without doing first aid.

3…Don’t try to clear concepts now; just memorize.

4…It’s better to revise the old mcqs you have already done instead of doing new. But if you have got time, do the possibly maximum number of MCQS. But do as much as you can remember. If you can not recall them during the exam, it’s of no use if you have studied even 100 MCQs books.

5…………fill it yourself…………

6…No matter where you stand, study hard and try till last MCQ of paper “B”. You will never be satisfied even if you study for 10 years.

7…Don’t under-estimate some minor subjects like micro and neuro. Pharma and neuroanatomy are a must-do for medicine and allied.

8…Do just MCQs for histo, biostats, and biochem.

9…Take one or two complete papers of your speciality, and calculate the number of mcqs contributed by each subject. Prepare accordingly.

10…Focus more on paper “B” course; paper “B” is tough and comparatively less repeated.

11…If you are already planning to fail it, fail better (with a good percentage).

12…Even if you fail, you will start again with more experience than the fresh candidates. In either case, you will be a “WINNER”.

Good luck

Dr.  Muhammad Fawad

Be nice whenever possible. It is always possible.