Most important facts about HIV asked in FCPS Part 1

🔹Most common severe ocular complication of AIDS → CMV retinitis

🔹Most common cause of T.B. in HIV → Mycobacterium tuberculosis

🔹Most common cause of C.N.S. infection in AIDS → Toxoplasmosis

🔹Most common cause of seizures in HIV → Toxoplasmosis

🔹Most common cause of meningitis in HIV → Cryptococcus

🔹Most common fungal infection in AIDS → Candida

🔹Most common cause of oral ulcer in AIDS → Candida

🔹Most common viral infection in AIDS → HSV

🔹Most common cause of genital lesion in AIDS → HSV

🔹Commonest helminthic infection in AIDS → Strongyloides stercoralis

🔹Most common cause of diarrhoea in AIDS → Cryptosporidium

🔹Most common cause of pneumonia in AIDS → Pneumococcus

🔹HIV infects most commonly→ CD4 cells+Helper cells

🔹HIV infects characteristically→ CD4 cells+Macrophages

🔹Most common late CNS complication of HIV is→Dementia

🔹The most common, or “classical”, type of HIV-associated nephropathy is
→collapsing variant of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)

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