Most important points about hepatitis tested on exams

Most important points about hepatitis which are frequently tested on exams
These points should be on your finger tips; expect at least one MCQ from these points.
(1) HDV has the highest mortality rate at 20%
(2) HAV is mot common, both in general population and in pregnant women. But HEV is most common in far flung areas.
(3) HEV is most lethal in pregnancy
(4) HAV is acute only; does not cause death.
(5) HCV has the highest chronicity (cirrhosis) rate (but the most common cause of cirrhosis is alcohol, followed by HCV). The chronicity rate of: HCV > HBV > HAV
(6) HBV is the most carcinogenic hepatitis (Other types of hepatitis increase the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma by causing cirrhosis; but HBV is directly carcinogenic even without prior cirrhosis)
(7) Both HAV and HEV are epidemic as both are transmitted via oro-fecal route; HAV clasiccaly infects “travelers”
(8) The most common hepatitis which spreads via blood transfusion is “HCV” (Mnemonic: Patients can not “C” [see] HCV virus in the blood which is being transfused to them).
(9) HBV is the most common type of hepatitis transmitted from mother to the baby.
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