Reasons of Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 Exam

1).. Don’t just memorize the answers of MCQs; learn the concept behind every MCQ.

2).. Don’t think that text books (without MCQs) are enough for passing exam unless your are a genius. You must know how to apply your knowledge + Text books are deficient as they are only review books and are written for USMLE and not specifically for FCPS part1.

3).. As i always say “it’s the quality, and not the quantity that matters”. Do as many mcqs as you can revise and recall during the exam. Don’t make ACHAAR from it. Even one MCQ book is enough to pass this exam if you do it really good. Reading one book ten times is better than reading ten books one time.

4).. Don’t follow others blindly; use your common sense.

5).. Don’t expect the same results by using the same strategy again and again; if your score is not improving it means your are heading in the wrong direction. Change strategy!

6).. There is no short cut; if some one says he cleared this exam in one month he is lying and trying to impress you; work hard!

7).. Don’t rush; do it slow but do it really well. Multiple small steps in the right direction are better than one wrong big jump only to bounce back.

8).. Make your own schedule; don’t follow others. Every one is made different, and have different speeds.

9).. Leave job or take leave if you can’t study with the job; don’t settle for less than you deserve.

10).. Either study now….or….regret for your whole life.

There is no exam in the world which can not be passed with proper study and preparation, but it’s just that some people are slow learners like me; you can do it. Go on, do it NOW…!!!

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