Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 exam

Repeated Failures in FCPS Part 1 exam

When we post guidelines, candidates read them and forget them. At the end, they want to do their own experiments, or they want to follow the ones who are misguiding them. The end result is “repeated failures”.

The guidelines for this exam can’t be written again and again. It’s time consuming, and we don’t have enough time for it due to busy schedule of our training.

Let’s have a brief review of why you fail repeatedly in FCPS Part 1 exam, and what are their possible solutions.

1. You don’t know how to apply knowledge. Do more MCQs for practice.

2. You don’t have good concepts. Solution is simple, make good concepts. How? Use any source of your choice or a combination of sources. For example, videos, google, search option of facebook groups.

3. You have skipped an important subject or a chapter. For example, you get 5 -8 MCQs from CVS Physiology in medicine paper; skipping CVS physiology means “disaster”.

4. You have done more than you can retain. I suggest again and again to limit your resources; stick to one MCQ source. You can use multiple text books for references but at the end, stick to one book.

5. Organize your study; don’t do random stuff from here and there. No need to do the random notes posted here on facebbook. Don’t do the random points printed in the books. Your text books + MCQ books have every thing you need to know. Do chapter-wise MCQs; even try to do it topics-wise if you can.

6. Don’t post MCQs on in groups; use the search option of the groups to find answer and explanation for MCQs.


Every one is different, and every one has has his own choice. Use any book which suits you; here are my suggestions how to pick the best source of MCQs.

1. Try doing books which have almost complete stems and options. Why? Because it gives you the feel of real exam, and it prepares you better; for example, in exam, you may get long scenarios, and then you may not be able how to answer them.

2.Study those MCQs books in which MCQs are more organized. For example, MCQs are chapter-wise or topic-wise.

3.Study those MCQs books which have less mistakes so that you don’t waste your time in correcting them.

If nothing seems to work, do the following and i guarantee you 100% success:

1. Do at least 4,000 MCQs with clear concept behind every MCQ.

2. Arrange all MCQs topics wise; first read all MCQs before doing a topic, mark all MCQs in your text book. Then read your that topic in text book, and literally memorize the marked stuff. When revising, you can skip revising your MCQs book since you have already marked all MCQs in your text books. Also, you can revise one subject in one day if you have already marked MCQs in your text book.

For more guidelines, visit the following link:

Good luck for the next attempt….!!!

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