Some handy tips for FCPS Part 1 exam

1. Why would i study one liner MCQs instead of complete stems and options to make more better concepts?

2. Why would i study random notes made by Kaplan Syndrome, CPSP Rocks, FCPS Repeater, and Mitral Valve instead of reading my standard text books?

3. Why would i spend 30 minutes on controversial MCQs when i can do 30 more MCQs in the same time?

4. Why would i post MCQs in facebook groups when they have been discussed multiple times and can be searched easily through “search box”?

5. Why would i listen to senior’s advice to suggest me low-standard books and feed me garbage?

6. Why would i follow the majority even when i know that the majority is wrong?

7. Why would i worry about the exam when i know i can pass it?

Be nice whenever possible. It is always possible.