Thorax Anatomy

These MCQs are taken from the book “FCPS Pretest Series – Anatomy”. If you want to order this book, click here (link will open in a new tab)

fcps pretest series anatomy for fcps part 1



1. A patient can survive without mechanical ventilation if the lesion is

a. Above C2

b. At C3

c. At C4

d. Below C5


Ans. D


  • Ventilation is controlled by spinal segments above C5.

  • Therefore, ventilation will not be affected if spinal cord is damaged below C5.


2. Most common site for morgagni hernia is

a. Left posterior

b. Right anterior

c. Right posterior

d. Left anterior


Ans. B. FORAMINA OF MORGAGNI/STERNCOSTAL TRIANGLE: This zone is present between the sternal and costal attachment of diaphragm.


MORGAGNI HERNIA: It is a congenital diapgragmatic hernia which may occur through foramina of morgagni.