You may be reading wrong books for FCPS Part 1 exam

You may be reading the wrong books for FCPS Part 1 exam

Success depends upon the choices you make. Whether you would pass FCPS Part 1 exam or  not, depends greatly on the books you are studying for this tricky exam. All books are not the same; it’s very important to choose the right books for  FCPS Part 1 exam.


It hurts me to see that every one has the concept of “literally memorizing the answers of MCQs without understanding them”. The end result is that either:

1. They fail, or
2. They pass by a stroke of luck without learning the basics of medicine.

In either case, you fail in reality.


Preparation for FCPS Part 1 is one of the best time of my life which i don’t want to be repeated again. I learnt which i had never learnt before. Several years have passed but i still have strong concepts, i still remember most of what i had learnt, and i still apply the acquired basic knowledge in my clinical practice almost every single day. And you know what, it feels very good when you have full command on a topic.


For almost every exam like USMLE, MRCP, AMC, people do MCQs, but their aim is not to memorize answers. Doing MCQs is an important part of exam and it has two main advantages:

1. Practice. It’s not enough to acquire knowledge; you must know how to apply knowledge. You may have studied text book but you may not be able to solve MCQs if you have not practiced MCQs before.

2. MCQs give you an idea which topics are important, and how you should study the text books.It tells you which areas to focus on in your text book.

If you have good concepts, there is no exam in the world which you can not pass. Don’t try the short-cuts especially for the major subjects (Physiology, Pathology, Gross Anatomy).


There is a simple rule of business: “Give them what they want and they would give you what you want (i.e., money)”. The books written for FCPS Part 1 Exam are garbage because you are demanding “garbage” from the authors. Never blame the authors when you don’t pass the exam; they gave you exactly what you wanted.

But there are authors who understand the value of good books; they still produce good books regardless of where the market is going. These are the people who want to give the world some thing valuable before leaving; they took the responsibility of guiding others with the knowledge God gave to them.


The trend needs to be changed. You are not an ordinary person; you are a doctor. If you don’t even know how to choose a good book, you are still at a very low level. Write the following points in your book and read it every day until these words become your nature:

1. Always read the standard MCQs books. If there is no standard book available, choose the best.

2. Learn the concept behind every MCQ.

3. Don’t follow the seniors blindly. What they are advising you may not be the best option for you.

4. Don’t look for the “most recent MCQs”. There is no such thing as “most recent MCQs”. USMLE First aid does not change, medical facts do not change, and hence, MCQs do not change. The same medical facts and concepts will be tested in one way or the other way; you just need to learn the important medical facts and the important concepts. CPSP may modify the MCQs stem and options a little bit but the core concept remains the same.

At the end, i would recommend you to stick to “FCPS Pretest Series Books” since these books have complete stems and options, answers are accurate, and MCQs are with explanations.

Good luck for your exam…!!!

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    1. Better late than never. Do you want your juniors to suffer the way you have suffered? If no, keep guiding them in the right direction; God would guide you in the right direction.

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